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Denmark, a Scandinavian country is located in Europe and is bordered by Germany to the South. The smallest Nordic country, it is situated to the southwest of Sweden, the South of Norway and borders North Seas and the Baltic along its shoreline. Officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark, the country covers an area of 42,925 sq km.

The National Museum of Denmark is a must visit for art and history lovers. The Nyhavn Harbour is a vibrant part of the city flanked by brightly painted houses and cafes in a street like fashion across the serene waters. The Round Tower, a 36 meters high structure which was initially used as an observatory now offers panoramic views of the city. The Kastellet & The Little Mermaid has a beautiful structure along the serene waters. Shrouded in a magical story, this attraction just cannot be missed!

Some Information

Country : Denmark
Language Spoken : Danish
Capital : Copenhagen
Area (km2) : 42925 km2
Cuurency : Danish krone
Timezone : GMT +02:00

Sightseeing Locations