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Norway is located in Northern Europe and shares a long land border with Sweden in the East and with Finland and Russia in the Northeast. Covering an area of 385, 178 sq kms, this mesmerizing land is home to majestic glaciers, stunning fjords, heart warming landscapes and beauty in all its bounty. This Scandinavian beauty has Oslo as its capital. Extremely cosmopolitan in its essence, it is an upcoming trade capital and boasts of an active and truly enjoyable nightlife.

Norwegian architecture offers a soothing blend of old world charm with modern technology. From 12th century architecture to hi –tech structures, Norway has it all. The country witnesses several climate zones.

Some Information

Country : Norway
Language Spoken : norwegian, nynorsk,bokmål
Capital : Oslo
Area (km2) : 385178 km2
Cuurency : Norwegian krone
Timezone : GMT +02:00

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