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United Kingdom


Lying in northwestern Europe, is the island nation of the United Kingdom that comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This island nation is surrounded by North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, English Channel and the Irish Sea.

The topography of the UK is such that is divided in two major landforms, the lowland, and the highland zones. England consists of lowland with mountainous terrain and is separated from Scotland on the north by Cheviot Hills. Thames, Seven and the Humber are the main rivers that flow through this region. Scotland consists of 800 islands, and the topography of this region is termed as Highland. The region of Wales is mostly elevated with rugged coastline and mountainous national parks. The highest mountains of Wales are in Snowdonia. The Irish Sea separates Northern Ireland from Great Britain and is mostly a hilly terrain.

Some Information

Country : United Kingdom
Language Spoken : English
Capital : London
Area (km2) : 243610 km2
Cuurency : Pound sterling
Timezone : GMT +01:00

Sightseeing Locations

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  • Sea Life Aquarium
  • London Tower
  • Warner Bros Studio
  • Windsor Castle